7 Tips That Could Save Your Career

Growth in the profession and career is not an endless race; one day, you will come to the finish line and realize that there is nowhere to grow further. We explain what you should do if this has already occurred.

What is a career ceiling, and when does it arise

Even the most talented and hardworking employees one day stop moving up the career ladder. And this is not influenced in any way by their workaholism or their personal qualities and desire to grow; they just really reached the maximum - in their company or even in the whole field. This is normal, and at first, it can even be considered a reason for pride. But over time, the lack of movement even in the most attractive position and the knowledge that there is no place to grow will start to torture.

The good news is that a career ceiling is not the same as the end of a career, and the situation can be changed - even without looking for a better job.

7 ways to help yourself and keep growing

If you are not ready to give up everything and get self-employed (and this path is truly endless), try to act in a new way and get the most out of the current circumstances.

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Attend training and business seminars

You can endlessly learn new things, and this gives a feeling of constant development. Such events are also great as a tool for a personal reboot. If the training is of high quality, and the expert is charismatic, it energizes when the strength is already running out. It is also in such an environment that you can easily and naturally acquire new useful acquaintances.

Choose not only those events that are directly related to your field. Whatever you do, you may find it useful, for example, training in negotiation or a master class from an expert in public speaking.

Explore related directions

There are probably dozens of professions in your field where the experience you've gained might be helpful, and you could discover new talents in yourself. For example, a Python programmer can quickly retrain into data analytics. An SMM manager can master the basics of the targeting profession, and a copywriter can write texts for selling landing pages and create such sites on his own.

You may apply this new knowledge in your own company, and proactively suggest your candidacy for a new position.

Upgrade in your profession

For many managers in business and state and municipal structures, obtaining a business education becomes a natural stage of professional development. A good option is practice-based training programs developed by market experts, trainers, and educators, such as the BA - Business Administration.

Such a program provides a complex theoretical and practical knowledge of management. The degree of Master of Business Administration significantly increases the rating of a specialist in the labor market. The areas of MBA training that are most in demand are production (31%), services (29%), trade (24%), and construction (16%). To enroll in this program, you need to have completed higher education and work experience of at least 2 or 3 years - depending on the requirements of the business school's requirements.

Such training gives the owners, first of all, a panoramic view of the business, an understanding of how to integrate new trends and delegate more fully, engage in more strategy, and less operating systems. And, of course, useful networking, including valuable personnel for the company, partners for joint projects. For top managers, the MBA can become a springboard for further career growth and wage increases, an opportunity to go into a related industry.

Training lasts two years and consists of four full days per week each month. During this time, you will improve in several management disciplines - mastering new marketing technology, talent and risk management, and people management.

7 Tips That Could Save Your Career
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Look for opportunities, even in obstacles.

The current coronavirus pandemic has become a second wind for many. While some businessmen were counting losses, others tried to adapt to the circumstances and make money even in difficult times.

For example, the practice has shown that those who managed to transfer online services were successful during the spring lockdown. For example, event agencies remotely held holidays and quests for customers, children's development centers moved classes for young visitors to the Web, and coffee shops quickly reoriented themselves to delivery.

Get inspired by someone else's successful experience.

Other people's success stories are not only inspiring. They can also help you avoid errors, which will save you time, money, and hassle. Absorb experience, study autobiographies, personal blogs, and interviews with business people, politicians, designers, writers, artists. Surely many of them faced the same problems in their work as you did and found very successful solutions that may be useful to you.

Believe in yourself

Be aware of your personal merits and professional success, and do not underestimate them. This is necessary not only to be in good shape. If you are confused and do not know how to further build your career, make a list of your career achievements and reflect on how you got there. This will help you understand your strengths and skills you have especially pumped up and what you especially enjoy doing.

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Knowing this will make it simpler for you to decide what kind of work you want to pursue, which is really important to you, and where your talents would be useful. Perhaps you will understand that you could improve your current work processes with your current experience and free up enough time for family and personal development with your current experience. And in this case, the career ceiling is already less depressing.

Make up your mind to change.

Regardless of how carefully you have previously chosen a  day you may want to change something one day And if, the news is scary, find the courage and dare to bring something new to life. As an incentive, remember one of the golden quotes from renowned motivational speaker Jim Rohn: “If you don’t like the way things are, change it! You are not a tree. "

It is normal to change the field of activity and the profession in general, especially since as technology develops, more and more specialties appear. Existing ones disappear because they are superfluous.

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