12 Post-Break Up Mistakes That Will Turn Your Life Into a Nightmare

Parting with a loved one is a serious test. But you can make it even more unbearable by doing various stupid things. Keep reading to find out.

How to ruin your life after a breakup

1. Continue to be together

Although it is a clear mistake, your mind could try to justify it by citing anything like going out with friends. And now you are already having dinner with mutual friends or together, going to the cinema, meeting in a bar, arranging home gatherings.

Your emotional ties to your ex will only grow as a result of this.

Also, you force yourself to go through real hell while simultaneously trying to accept that the relationship no longer exists and drunk with happiness when you hug him or her goodbye.

2. Thinking that you are true soul mates

Continuing to believe that you are the only person who can understand your ex is only feeding the illusion. And all the nightly heart-to-heart conversations are more dragging you into the quagmire of the past. Remember that both of you or one of you chose to end the relationship despite all the closeness.

3. Write to him or her about everything and as often as possible

Email your ex to find out how they are doing. Write to tell them you got the job. Be sure to let them know that you still consider him a friend. And be sure to write again if the previous messages remained unanswered - what if he didn't notice them? This is a great way to stay in a perpetual state of waiting unable to move on.

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4. Pursue a former partner

When by hook or by crook, you find out the ex-partner's location and, as it were, accidentally bump into him in a bar. This is a wake-up call; it smells of addiction.

The same goes for the endless checking of his social networks. Whom did he add as a friend, what does he do, what does he write about? You hope that this person is still suffering, and he, most likely, has already recovered from the breakup or even entered into a new relationship.

Stop obsessively researching your ex's life unless you're a masochist. At least for a while, until the first pain subsides.

5. Talk bad about your ex-partner

Every time you remember the former, even if not in the kindest terms, it seems to materialize in the present, and the more you mention him—in both positive and negative ways—the more you entice him back into your life. Love and hate are two extremes of the same coin. Neutrality should be your goal.

6. Return things in person

There is no need to look for unnecessary excuses for meetings when the decision to break up has already been made. Even if you need to return his or her things and pick up yours, you can always ask your friends for help or order a courier. And something can be thrown away altogether; an old toothbrush is unlikely to be of special value to someone.

12 Post-Break Up Mistakes That Will Turn Your Life Into a Nightmare
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7. Switch to a relationship with a friend

The compensatory relationship does not lead to good. But it's even worse if right after the breakup you try to comfort a broken heart with an old boyfriend or girlfriend. As a result, he or she will be hurt, and you will be ashamed.

If you "suddenly" noticed how sweet and charming your friend is, slow down. In order not to lose it.

8. Dream of a former partner

Often imagine how he suffers or how he has a plan to get you back. And, of course, don't think that right now he might be relaxing with his friends and enjoying life. Such obsession will help you to experience parting for a long time and painfully.

9. Constantly think "what if"

A story similar to the previous one. You again fixate on the ex-partner and torment yourself with ethereal illusions. But what if you are destined to be together? What if not?

10. Register on all dating services

To start a new relationship, you need to deal with old ones. If you dive headfirst into looking for a new partner, then most likely

  • you will begin to compare everyone with the previous one and suffer even more about it
  • enter the wrong relationship with the wrong person and spoil the blood for him and yourself
  • don't learn from experience and make the same mistakes

11. Sleep with someone

Another great way to remember how good you were with your loved one. Or feel like a traitor when feelings for your ex or ex are still strong.

12. Revel in grief

It is tough to endure the pain at first. If you finish yourself off with the thought that the main love story of your life has ended and is no longer expected, it will become a thousand times harder. And meeting someone new who has the same perspective is very problematic.

How to improve your life after a breakup

1. Avoid talking and meeting with your ex for at least two months

This indicates that you must take every precaution to safeguard yourself from accidental collisions.

If you are likely to cross on your way to work, change your route. If you can meet at a store or gym, find a new place to shop and exercise.

The same is true for calls and messages. It is better to temporarily block an ex-partner in social networks or delete his phone number than to see him online or in contacts constantly.

It sounds a little unfair because you have to give up something. But you should benefit from doing this.

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2. Go in for sports

First, physical activity releases the hormones of happiness that are so essential for your condition. Secondly, sports will relieve the head and help relieve tension.

3. Get busy rebuilding your life

A stage's conclusion marks the start of a new one. So when the relationship ends, you have a chance to change something in your life. You can start with the closet. Just take it apart and throw away all unnecessary things. Or use your creativity to think of a new use for them. Finding a new hobby or hobby will not be superfluous either.

4. Meet your friends

You finally have a lot of time to meet your favorite friends. Use it!

5. Don't look for salvation at the bottom of the bottle

Or at the bottom of a bucket of ice cream. Attempts to numb the pain with alcohol and food backfire, making you feel even worse. Better do something really nice and useful for yourself. Go for a massage, spa, beauty salon, or steam room. Just relax, because you deserve it.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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