How to Wax an Antique Furniture

We all have antique furniture at home, usually crammed into a storage room without knowing what to do with it. Well, it's time to dust them off for a new use! What vintage it is more fashionable than ever and do not stop to see in decorating magazines restored furniture salons inundating houses.

In this article, we will see how to wax an antique piece of furniture in such a way that it maintains that retro touch but with a neat look.

Steps to follow:

Step One

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The first thing we must do is sand the wood of the furniture. All the imperfections that have been produced over time must be eliminated so that the surface is completely smooth, without splinters. This step is the set-up before you start waxing the furniture.

Step Two

Once sanded, we will begin to spread the wax with a thick brush along with the entire wood.

How to wax an antique furniture
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Step Three

Waxing an antique piece of furniture is a relatively easy job. We have to be very thorough with the steps to follow. Once we have the entire surface of it well covered with wax, we will distribute the wax that we have previously applied with the thick brush and the heat gun with the help of another brush and the heat gun.

Step Four

It is important that when we spread the wax over the surface of the old furniture, we do it in the direction of the grain of the wood. If we have fallen short when applying it with the broad brush, we can always add more wax, as we see fit.

Step Five

As a reference to know if the furniture we are waxing needs more wax, we can check if the wood shines when removing the heat gun and drying the wax. If so, it is enough. It is not necessary to continue applying wax. If, on the contrary, we see that it does not shine, we will apply another layer.

Step Six

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The last step to wax an antique piece of furniture is done once all the wax has dried. At that time, we will proceed to polish the surface. We can do it using a cotton cloth, passing it over the entire surface of the wood.

Step Seven

Following these steps, the result will be very flattering, and we can boast of vintage furniture in perfect condition.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Uncomo