Discover More About This Custom Luxury Watch Face App

Oftentimes, we own a smartwatch just to tell us the time or receive new notifications from our other mobile devices here and there. There are also times when we just look at it and want it to have that classic and luxurious feel. This is why I've searched and discovered an app called Custom Luxury Watch Face App.

Custom Luxury Watch face App is a mobile app that lets me customize the watch face or the interface of my wearables such as my smartwatch to make it look like a classic watch. Alongside its classic look, there are also many other features waiting to be discovered.


In this guide, I'll tell you what this app is all about, what are its features, and how to download it. You will be able to discover how wonderful this app is. Check it all out below.

  • What the Luxury Classic Watch Face App Is
  • Why You Need to Install the Custom Luxury Watch Face App
  • Discover Useful Features on This App
  • Track Your Daily Steps for a Healthier You
  • What I Like About Using This App
Discover More About This Custom Luxury Watchface App
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What the Luxury Classic Watch Face App Is

Many of us use our phone's clock to tell us the time but there are far more inventive ways to do so without being too monotonous.

Discover More About This Custom Luxury Watchface App
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Yes, you can always use your phone's clock or your own watch to tell the time but why not make it more special by using the Luxury Classic Watch Face app to do so?

Add more classiness to your phone by downloading this amazing app. It is loaded with features that I'll break down throughout this entire guide. You'll see why I like using this app as well.

It is available on all devices and you can even connect it to your wearables. Check out more details to discover more about this amazing app.

Where and How to Download the App

Now that you've learned what the Luxury Classic Watch Face app is all about.I'll explain how to download this amazing app. Downloading this app is really easy.

All you need to do is to search for it through the Google Play Store and then tap Install. Beforehand, you will need to purchase the Watch Face app and then install it on your phone. Tap Open to launch the app once it is fully instaled.

Make sure that you download this app on the Google Play Store only to ensure the security of your mobile devices.

Why You Need to Install the Custom Luxury Watch Face App

You might be wondering why you want to install this custom Luxury Watch Face app. That's because this phone app serves as a placeholder so you can install it on your wearables.

Discover More About This Custom Luxury Watchface App
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You will need to first download this app on your phone and then install the watch face onto your wearables such as the Wear OS Smartwatches and many others. It's customized with tons of features for your consumption.

If you ever find yourself wanting to have that classic watch face that many modern smartwatches don't have, you finally have the option to choose a watch face that gives you that classic feel while also retaining all the necessary features of a modern smartwatch.

Get Another Watch Face for Free

With all this technical talk about the Luxury Watch Face app, here's another great reason why you should download the app. The app offers you another watch face for free when you purchase and download the app on your mobile device.

To do this, simply purchase the Watch Face app and send an email to the email address found on the app description page. I've done this and attached the receipt of the purchase and provided the app with an amazing review. Afterward, I was given another watch face for free.

This is such an amazing freebie, especially for someone who has more than one smartwatch. Don't forget to try this once you've made your purchase.

Discover Useful Features on This App

We all know now how important it is to have the Luxury Watch Face app on our phones and wearables. Not only does it help us tell the time and look visually pleasing, there are still so many features that are quite useful.

Discover More About This Custom Luxury Watchface App
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These features make the app even more amazing knowing they add to the overall usefulness and aesthetics. One such feature apart from the analog watch face is that it features different languages.

I can set the date in another language so people outside of the US can use this without having to translate everything. The app automatically uses the 12/24-hour format but I can still change it whenever I want.

Lastly, I can also tell if the smartwatch needs to be recharged with the help of the battery meter found on the app. This is very useful especially if I know I'm going to be working all day.

Personalize Your Classic Watch Face with This App

Apart from the useful features, other features help me personalize the watch Face app. There are five custom zones for me to choose from. There are also six backgrounds to choose from ranging from the classic black to other colors.

There are 10 Bezel colors, 10 number colors, 10 info color styles, and more. I can personalize the look of my classic watch face with the help of this app.

I've tried several combinations and it still looks very luxurious and classic at the same time. Go ahead and try to mix and match all the different combinations and see which one's your style.

Track Your Daily Steps for a Healthier You

With all that said, there are even more features within the app and this time it is health-related. The app has a feature that lets me track the steps I've made for an entire day.

Discover More About This Custom Luxury Watchface App
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This will help me be healthy by giving me an idea of how many steps I need to make to get to my daily goal. Each person needs to take at least 10,000 steps every day to keep healthy.

If you want to maintain your health, go for this number. Those who want to burn more calories will need to extend their goal and what better way to do this than with the help of the Luxury Classic Watch Face app.

Maintain your health while keeping it classy at the same time.

Monitor Your Heart Rate

Tracking the number of steps I take every day is just one part of the health features of this app. There is also a feature that helps me monitor my heart rate. Remember that you will be connecting the app to your smartwatch which has the ability to monitor your heart rate through the pulse on your wrist.

The app monitors your heart rate all day long so you'll easily determine when your heart rate rises and drops at certain times of the day. I've noticed that my heart rate rises during the early morning as I go to work and slowly drops to a moderate level throughout the entire day.

This feature should help you understand how your system works and how it impacts your day-to-day activities.

What I Like About Using This App

Based on what you've read, you already know that I really like using this app. There are many positive aspects of this app.

Discover More About This Custom Luxury Watchface App
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One of which I have not really touched upon is the option to uninstall the entire app once you've already connected it to your wearables.

It's a very convenient app to use and if you don't want it anymore, you can easily uninstall it to make room for other apps.

The many cosmetic options allow for a more personalized look while the heart rate monitor and step count make a great addition to an already packed app.

Some Areas That Need Improvement

Now the Luxury Classic Watch Face app is not perfect. There are some areas that still require improvement for it to become the perfect app. The first thing I noticed that I really want them to improve is the compatibility.

Not all wearables are compatible with the app. It will only be a matter of time before they can do this but for now, I have to put this here. Another is the price which can be quite expensive for some, especially with how the app works.

Nevertheless, the app does have a buy one get one free offer so I'm not as irked about it.


If you're trying to find a creative app that allows you to have a fully-customized luxury classic watch face on some of your wearables, then this app is definitely for you.

The app overall has a very unique and classy style which fits my aesthetics. It has everything that I need and is even more packed with other useful features. Go ahead and download the app today to truly experience what I've experienced!