Granite Male Reviews

Have you seen the advertisements claiming Granite Male as the best male enhancement or testosterone boosting supplement? Well, if you’re reading this review probably you’ve been through all that or some sort of exposure to this product but what’s the reality? Does it really work or it’s just another scam like the rest of trial based enhancers. To answer your question I’ve spent my few days researching about it as well as I also got in contact with some of my readers who tried this product. Based on the details, I’m going to explain all the details as well as will conclude my case with three solid reasons to avoid this product. (If you’re in a hurry you can jump to the reasons to avoid section otherwise bear with me for all the facts and details about the company and supplement).

What Is Granite Male

Well, as I’ve already mentioned and you’ve probably guessed the product is a male enhancement supplement which claims to increase testosterone level in your body while boosting your sexual performance. However, the question is who’s producing the supplement, and is it authentic too? The answer to the first part of the question is quite hard to process, and that’s the primary reason to avoid the product as well. Why? Because there’s no detail shared by the manufacturer or the Official website regarding the company who’s formulating the product except their return address which shows it’s based in Ontario, CA. Moreover, the product claims to work miraculously in order to assist you with your sexual problems. So how it can do that? Lets find out.

How Granite Male Works

The product is formulated to restore your sexual performance and youth by enhancing your blood flow to the primary parts for the functioning. Granite Male comes with a dual-action formula which is claimed to be helpful in treating the root cause of sexual dysfunctions as well as also assist you in having an instant surge in sexual power. Moreover, the supplement works with rapid absorption technology, which means it can absorb quickly in the bloodstream and aids in achieving excellent results. All of that includes two mechanisms the first one increases the presence of free testosterone, and secondly, it enhances the blood flow to the penis. What can you expect after using the supplement? Well, according to the manufacturer of the supplement the product can improve libido production, can assist in having better sex drive, can increase the staying power in bed, can be helpful in having more significant and harder erections, can help in increasing the penis size and ultimately all of this will be helpful in enhancing your sexual confidence. All of this seems too good, but the major flaw is that there’s no evidence to support any of that and also at the end of the page its clearly stated the product is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat any dysfunctions. However, another question which arises are how the product is going to achieve all of this? The answer is using the ingredients its formulated with.

Granite Male Ingredients

All the ingredients used for the formulation of the product are claimed to be herbals as well as naturally sourced without any side effect. These ingredients are also claimed to be scientifically researched, along with clinical testing. The ingredients include Nettle which can help in enhancing sexual stamina, Sarsaparilla which acts as a performance enhancer, Tongkat Ali which is well-known for increase libido, Wild Yam Extract which enhances the strength, Orchic substance for improving testosterone level, Horny Goat Weed Extract which catalyzes the blood flow to erectile chambers, Saw Palmetto berry for better orgasms and Boron which helps treat the problem. Again the issue is that the manufacturer didn’t provide any sort of data to support the claims and there’s also a lack of studies on the results of these ingredients.

Granite Male Pricing & Refund Policy

Another major factor which contributes to avoiding this product is the payment process. Firstly, the product can be ordered from the official website, and you can’t buy it from other stores such as Amazon, Walmart, or eBay, which is suspicious. Moreover, the 14-day trial period is a trick to scam customers easily. At first, you’ll have to pay shipping and handling fee of $4.95 using your Credit Card, and once the company has your Card details, they can process the payment whenever the like. The trial period ends after 14 days, and then you’ll be charged the full amount for the 30-day supply which will cost you around $97.99. This means you’re paying about $112 for the 30-day supply of an ordinary product and there are tons of better alternatives on Amazon which I’ll mention shortly. Well, that’s not it you’ll be enrolled into an auto-ship program which means you’ll be charged monthly and will receive the supplies as well even though if you didn’t read the terms and don’t know about it. In case you wish to cancel the auto-ship or get a refund you’ll need to contact the customer support which is pretty irresponsible in such cases, and you could end up losing lots of money as many customers did earlier with other products. I’m mentioning the details of the customer support as well.

(844) 461-0925

Note: The auto-ship programs are usually hard to cancel due to slow customer support, and you could lose a hefty amount as experimented by BBB. Also, the pricing of Granite Male is very high, so before falling for free trial think twice.

3 Reasons To Avoid Granite Male

Following are the three main reasons for avoiding this product which you might have guessed after reading all the details and facts.

  • There’s no physical existence of the company and is not accredited by any statutory body or BBB. Moreover, the product can be purchased only from the Official website and is not available in any other store such as Amazon, so there’s no guarantee of refund.
  • The product is not evaluated by the FDA and is not clinically approved as well. Furthermore, its clearly stated at the end of the official website’s page that the product is not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat any sort of disease.
  • The auto-ship programs are hard to get rid of, and you could end up losing extra money from your bank account if you don’t act on time and warn your bank about a potential scam.