Zephrofel Reviews – 4 Reasons To Avoid [2019]

Aging means a decrease in stamina and daily life performance of a human being. It’s a natural process which can be improved by exercising or going for a better lifestyle. Meanwhile, there’s also another side to counter this problem which comes in the form of medication or supplements. As many among us want to cure their stamina or muscular performance, they tend to go for supplements which opens up a vast market for manufacturer and advertisers, and within those manufacturers, there are some who might end up selling you a useless product or taking extra money from your account. I have reviewed Progentra recently which was of same nature. A few days ago I came through another product Zephrofel and noticed the hype regarding this supplement. So I decided to do my research on it so that you can know whether it’s worth your money or not. Well, I ended up being disappointed just like many other cases, and in conclusion, I’ll share 4 Reasons To Avoid this product. (If you are in a hurry jump to the Reasons section otherwise check out all the facts concerning this product)

What Is Zephrofel

The supplement is intended to enhance your sexual performance as well as your stamina, but there is no information provided regarding the formulating company which is something considerable. It means the product is not accredited or regulated by any legal body. Meanwhile, the official website doesn’t provide any physical existence of the product or company but the customer support numbers. Also, the product can be purchased only from the Official website and is not available in any other market such as Amazon, eBay or Walmart, etc. These are some clicking factors regarding the legitimacy of the product. However, let’s have a look at the working of the product.

How Zephrofel Works

The supplement is claimed to be formulated with a blend of clinically strengthening ingredients which lead to the restoration of sexual youth and improvements in your experience. The dual action formula of Zephrofel is intended to not only provide an instant surge in sexual power and performance but is also claimed to treat the root cause of sexual dysfunction and active botanicals. Its claimed to be entirely safe for use with no harmful side effects. The pro-sexual nutrient matrix of the supplement helps to boost the 3S’s of sex – Sex, Sie, Stamina, and Performance. The main characteristic of the supplement is that it increases the blood flow to the penis and erectile chambers which are responsible for erections. The boost is provided by the extra blood flow for strong and long sessions. The rapid absorption and extended-release technology help in delivering significant results — the rapid absorption of ingredients into the bloodstream help in enhancing your power and performance instantly. Zephrofel works with two significant mechanisms, the first one is an increase in Free Testosterone and the second is nitric oxide production to the penis. Ultimately the use of the supplement will improve libido and sex drive which will help you in satisfying your partner, it will increase your staying power which is claimed to be 5X, it will also help you in getting bigger and harder erections, its also intended to increase your penis size and at the end all of this will improve your sexual confidence. However, the major flaw is that there is no evidence provided to back up any of the claims made on the Official website and all of this is based on the ingredients. So let’s check out the ingredients used in the formulation.

Zephrofel Ingredients

The manufacturer claims all the ingredients used in the formulation are sourced naturally and contain no harmful side effect. There no chemicals or fillers used in the manufacturing and the ingredients include Monkey’s Head Hericium, Maca Dry Extract, Horny Goat Weed Extract, Long Jack Extract, Korean Ginseng Powder and Tribulus Terrestris. All these ingredients are considered helpful in enhancing your sexual capabilities, but on the other side, there is a lack of scientific data to validate the working of ingredients. Meanwhile, if you are going through any particular health condition, pregnancy or breastfeeding you are advised not to use any of the ingredients mentioned above as it could affect your condition.

Is Zephrofel Clinically Approved

The official website has a section where it explains that the product has been formulated in FDA approved facilities while keeping the health standards in check, but there is no evidence to back up those claims. Also, it states that the product has been manufactured after years of research using miraculous and instant formula and doesn’t provide any evidence to support the claims. At the end section of the website, it says that the product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to cure, treat or diagnose any disease. So the answer to the question whether it’s clinically approved or not is NO.

Zephrofel Pricing & Refund Policy

Like most of the supplements in the market, this also comes with a 14-day trial period for which you will have to pay Shipping and Handling fee of around $5.95 (It may vary depending on the country you are ordering from). Once you place the order, you will be enrolled in an auto-ship program during which you will be billed monthly and will receive supplies regularly as well. After the trial, the product will cost you around $99.95 for 30 day supply. If you want a refund, you have to contact the customer support, and they’ll provide you product returning instructions which you will have to follow. On the other hand, if you want to cancel the auto-ship program, you will also have to contact the support. The support has different contact numbers for different regions which you can find for your region once you go to the Contact section of the official website.

Note: According to a study and experiment conducted by BBB and other organizations the auto-ship programs are hard to cancel and with these 14-day trial offers you are not likely to get a refund or cancel enrollment easily. So proceed with caution!

4 Reasons To Avoid Zephrofel

I’m going to mention four significant reasons in this section due to which you should avoid this product and I hope it will make it easy for you.

  • There is no physical existence of the company or product as it doesn’t provide any physical information and can be purchased only from the Official website which seems to be containing just dummy content.
  • The product is not evaluated by FDA as well as its not clinically approved.
  • There is no evidence to support any of the claims made on the Official website by the manufacturer in terms of the working of supplement or results.
  • The auto-ship program is hard to get rid of, and you could lose your money.

Instead of going for auto-ship billing which would ultimately end up taking more than $100 from your account you could go for a more reliable source and can try products priced between $15-60. Here are five of the top rated products including Amazon’s choice you could try. 🙂

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If you have tried Zephrofel. Let our readers know about your experience with the product! 🙂

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