3 Massive Reasons To Avoid Progentra [Reviews]


These days most of the male enhancement products are just available on the Official websites with 14 or 18 days trial period, but there are some like Progentra and Extenze which can be bought through other retailers such as Amazon and eBay etc. which gives these supplements an edge of trust over the regular ones. However, being available in different stores doesn’t mean that they work or have legitimate claims. So to dig deep I did my research on Progentra just like rest of the supplements available in the market and I’m going to share with you what is progentra, how it works, what are the ingredients, is it clinically approved, what is the pricing and refund policy and finally I’ll conclude it, but in this case I’ll have to just go with 3 reasons to avoid this product. (If you’re in a hurry jump to the specified section).

What Is Progentra

The supplement is distrubuted under the trademark of PROGENTRA and is formulated by BIOLAB. Meanwhile there’s no physical existence or accreditation of the the distributor with BBB or any other legal authority. Moreover there’s no address where you can mail regarding your concerns however you’ll get a contact number and email address where you can contact customer support and if you want to return the product you will have to get details from those sources which seems a bit fishy. Well lets see how it works.


How Progentra Works

According to the manufacturer, it’s a miraculous product which uses SYNER-BOOST technology that results in an enhanced sexual performance; meanwhile, the all-natural ingredients bring the safest and most effective sexual experience. Additionally, efficient industry-standard logistics practice makes the delivery and formulation of product prompt and effective. Moreover as mentioned on the Official website the supplement has been developed over several years to ensure safety and effectiveness using top quality ingredients as well as the cutting-edge formula to maximize performance. After using this product, you can expect increased libido levels, performance enhancement, and rapid muscle growth. Unfortunately, to back up those claims, there is not much evidence provided by the manufacturer although most of the claims are based on the natural ingredients so lets have a look at them.

Progentra Ingredients

There are no fillers or chemicals used in the formulation of the product as mentioned by the manufacturer on the official website. The product is formulated by natural ingredients which include L-ARGININE, HORNY GOAT WEED, MACA ROOT, TONGKAT ALI, TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS, MUIRA PUAMA, DAMIANA EXTRACT, XANTHOPARMELIA SCABROSA, and BUTEA SUPERBA.

  • L-ARGININE: The ingredient targets your nitric oxide and helps in building protein which results in muscle growth as well is also helpful in terms of male fertility. Its also considered useful in targeting erectile dysfunction. Meanwhile may widen your blood vessels allowing more blood to flow to your erectile chambers. However excessive usage could lead to diarrhea, upset stomach, and diarrhea.
  • HORNY GOAT WEED: A widely used ingredient in male enhancement supplements which is considered very helpful in improving erections and boosting strength. Unfortunately, there’s not much scientific evidence to prove it’s really helpful but its widely used in Chinese herbal medicines.
  • MACA ROOT: The root is enriched in fiber, iron, calcium and amino acid and helps in boosting fertility among men meanwhile also reduces stress and increases stamina. In the case of this ingredient research also doesn’t support much of that due to lack of evidence.
  • TONGKAT ALI: One of the most commonly used Asian ingredient in enhancement supplements which is also known as Longjack in terms of curing erectile dysfunction and increasing libido levels meanwhile enhancing testosterone in the body. However, the studies lack evidence in doing so.
  • TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS: It’s an annual plant native to North America. This ingredient is believed to increases testosterone levels but does not offer any benefits in terms of strength, muscle or recovery. The side effects of using it might include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and sleeplessness.
  • MUIRA PUAMA: The ingredient includes natural aphrodisiacs which might help in improving sex drive and enhancing energy levels but there’s not enough scientific data to back up these claims.
  • DAMIANA EXTRACT: Its also known as Turnera Diffusa and is native to North and South America as well as the Caribbean. The ingredient is claimed to have cognitive-boosting capabilities, but again there’s lack of scientific evidence.
  • XANTHOPARMELIA SCABROSA: The ingredient which is used for treating sexual dysfunction especially ED and increasing sexual drive doesn’t have enough evidence to back up the claims.
  • BUTEA SUPERBA: The ingredient sourced from Butea Superba a plant native to Thailand, Vietnam, and India is considered to be helpful in terms of effects such as rejuvenation and sexual vigor. Meanwhile, excessive usage could lead to a lack of interest in sexual activity, fever, painful urination, and diarrhea.

Although most of the ingredients used in the formulation are naturally driven there is not enough scientific evidence to back up the working and effectiveness of these elements. Meanwhile, if you are going through certain health condition, pregnancy or breastfeeding you should avoid all above-mentioned ingredients.


Is Progentra Clinically Approved

The official website claims that the supplement is formulated in FDA approved facilities while keeping all the standards in check. Moreover its a result of years of research at the same time there’s no evidence provided by the manufacturer regarding these claims. There are some testimonials mentioned as well, but they seem to be fake meanwhile at the end of the page its mentioned that the product is not evaluated by FDA and is not intended to cure or diagnose any disease. So after considering everything its clear that this supplement is not clinically approved.

Progentra Pricing & Refund Policy

The product comes in three packages. First one is 1 month supply which will cost you $69.96/Bottle, and you will save $40. The second one is 3 months supply which will cost you $43.32/Bottle, and you will save $120. The final one is 6 months supply which will cost you $31.66/Bottle, and you will save $189.95. All packages come with free shipping, and you can pay using Paypal. The product comes with a 100% money back guarantee. However, for a refund, you’ll need to return the product, and for that, you will have to contact the customer support at following details for further help.

Contact Progentra

Call at: 800-909-5441 | Email: support@progentra.com

3 Reasons To Avoid Progentra

Although the billing process of Progentra seems way better than most of the supplements in this market but still the performance is the thing to notice in this case. So to provide a better overview I’ll sum up it in 4 points for you.

  • There is no physical existence of the company and is not accredited with BBB or any other legal body.
  • The ingredients used in the formulation pose some side effects meanwhile there’s not enough scientific data to support the working of those elements.
  • The product is not evaluated by FDA and is not clinically approved as well.

Instead of going for auto-ship billing which would ultimately end up taking more than $100 from your account you could go for a more reliable source and can try products priced between $15-60. Here are five of the top rated products including Amazon’s choice you could try. 🙂

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I would recommend my users to avoid this product as the manufacturer did not provide enough information regarding the formulation and there is not enough evidence regarding the working of ingredients too.

If you have tried Progentra. Let our readers know about your experience with Progentra below! 🙂