Neuro 24 Reviews – 3 Reasons To Avoid


The trend of using cognitive enhancers has been rapidly increasing after scientific studies have shown some minor impacts on the neuro system. This has also allowed manufacturer and advertisers of supplements to target a new and growing market of cognitive enhancing, but on the downside, some advertisers end up selling scammy or useless products without any effectiveness. It happens in all the categories just like recently I reviewed Ultra Test XR, which ended up being a scam. However recently I came across Neuro 24 and saw some revolutionary claims about the product and decided to dig deep to check whether it really works or it’s just another scam. I am going to share all the facts and claims of the product with you and will end my argument with 3 Reasons To Avoid this product. If you are in a hurry, you can jump to reasons to avoid section or bear with me for all the facts and details.

What Is Neuro 24

Simply put Neuro 24 is a supplement designed to enhance your cognitive skills positively. Its claimed to be an American company based in Georgia registered under Neuro-24/Cogniivex Booster at the following address ( 5710 Ogeechee Rd. Suite 200-215 Savannah, GA 31405 ) which is only for returners. However, it’s not accredited with BBB or any other legal body, so it’s hard to confirm its legitimacy. Furthermore, the product could be purchased only from the official website and is not available in any other store such as Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. However, it claimed to work in a revolutionary manner, so let’s have a look at its working.


How Neuro 24 Works

The supplement is claimed to help you in thinking faster and smarter, remembering everything, focus clearly and boosting energy, supercharges success, and eliminates “Brain For Syndrome.” According to the Official website, a healthy mind is supercharged when all the 12-cylinders work perfectly the formula used in Neuro-24 fuels up the brain naturally, which results in more energy for cylinders and ultimate success. Its claimed to be a “NOOTROPIC” or “GENIUS PILL” bringing in cognition, intelligence, motivation, attention, concentration, and happiness in your life. Furthermore, it claims to increase academic and work performance so you have to study less and can play harder as well as helps you reduce stress. There are also three testimonials provided on the official website from consumers based in Florida, California and New York. However, all of this seems to be made up as there is no evidence provided by the manufacturer to support any of the, which is utterly ridiculous. Moreover, all the working is based on water-soluble natural ingredients. Well, what are those ingredients? Lets checkout.

Neuro 24 Ingredients

All the ingredients used for the formulation of the product are claimed to be natural, and there is no filler or harmful chemicals used during the formulation which means there are no severe side effects of the supplement. However, after making all the claims based on the natural ingredients the manufacturer didn’t provide a list of the ingredients on the official website, which raises concerns about the supplement. Well after searching for hours I came across a list of the ingredients shared by a consumer which includes Citicoline, Phosphatidylserine, Bacopa Monnieri, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Maritime Pine Bark Extract, L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine but it’s not stated officially so I can’t confirm it confidently. Furthermore, if you are going through certain health condition, breastfeeding, or pregnancy, you are advised not to take this supplement.

Is Neuro 24 Clinically Approved

According to the official website, the supplement is formulated in FDA approved facilities while keeping all the health standards in check using clinically proven ingredients resulted after years of scientific research. However, it does not provide any evidence to back up the claims. Furthermore, at the end of the page, it states that the product is not evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat any disease. So the product is not clinically approved due to lack of evidence.


Neuro 24 Pricing & Refund Policy

The supplement comes with a 14-day trial period for which you will have to pay $5.94 shipping and handling fee. Once you pay the S&H, then you will be enrolled into an auto-ship program during which you will receive the package after 30-days and will be charged respectively. Bear in mind that after the end of the trial period, your 30-days supply will cost you $84.00. In any case, if you want to return the product, you will need to contact the customer support and follow the instructions provided. Furthermore, if you wish to cancel your auto-ship enrollment, still you will have to contact customer support. If you are intended to get a refund, you won’t be refunded the shipping and handling fee.

Note: According to a study and experiment conducted by BBB and other organizations the auto-ship programs are hard to cancel and with these 14-day trial offers you are not likely to get a refund or cancel enrollment easily. So proceed with caution!

3 Reasons To Avoid Neuro 24

Following are the three significant reasons due to which you should be avoiding this product.

  • There is no information provided regarding the ingredients used during the formulation of the product which could be harmful in certain cases.
  • There is no evidence to support the claims made in terms of the working and formulation of the product.
  • The auto-ship programs hard to get rid of and you could end up losing extra money from your bank account if not checked on time.

If you have tried Neuro 24. Let our readers know about your experience with the product! 🙂


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