How to Know if Exercise is Working

When you have set a specific goal for yourself when doing sports, you must check certain indicators that give you the idea that you are on the right track.

Whether you want to lose weight or increase muscle mass, it is key that you monitor your evolution so that, if necessary, you make changes in your training plans. We will give you the keys on how to know if the exercise is working.


Give it Time

You have to be very clear that, even though you exercise intensely, it is tough, unless you have privileged genetics, for the effects of sport to be noticeable during the first days or the first week of exercise.

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Yes, you can detect some weight loss, but it will always be just after exercising, and due to the loss of fluid due to sweat. Once you drink and recover, your weight will return to its previous state.

A bit of Pain

Moderate pain only when you are working out is a good indicator of whether the exercise is working. It must be an acceptable pain in the muscles you are exercising and will appear exclusively when you are doing sports. If the discomfort is very intense and affects the joints and not the muscle area, you will not adopt the correct posture to train, and you will have to modify it.

How to Know if Exercise is Working
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Shoelaces are also a good sign. Thus, these appear when the muscle works at an unusual place for it, so in this case, they will be indicating that you are making more effort than usual and that you are on the right track when it comes t,o reaching the goals that you have set for yourself, from exercising.

Controlling Your Weight

If you have set yourself a goal to lose weight, the best way to know if exercise is working is to control your weight 1 day a week, on Friday, and always right when you get out of bed, before having breakfast.

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You must do it on Fridays because it is the day that precedes the weekend, a period in which more excesses are usually made with food. Weighing you right after would detract from the result. If you are a woman, keep in mind that you will gain weight with menstruation due to fluid retention.

Increased Body Temperature

Although doing any physical activity is positive, no matter how moderate it may be, if you want to exercise to achieve specific goals, when you exercise, you will have to notice the symptoms of intense training such as an increase in body temperature, sweating, and acceleration of breathing rhythm.

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