How to Enjoy Exercise More

Exercise is one of the most beneficial activities for our body and our mind. It helps us shape, increases our muscles and bones’ resistance, accelerates the metabolism, tones the muscles, and improves circulation. Simultaneously, it is great for relieving stress, depression, and releasing endorphins that make us feel good about ourselves.

Despite all this, many people cannot be stimulated enough to practice physical activity, or once they are at it, they have a hard time having fun. If you belong to that group, we will give you some good tips to discover how to enjoy exercise more and get the most out of it.


It is important to understand that the more exercise we do, the more we will enjoy it. Why? Simply because our body will reduce stress more, release more endorphins, and eliminate more toxins, we work harder.

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If instead, every time you step into the gym or go out to exercise, you do it lazily and don’t last 20 minutes on the task, you will hardly ever experience its benefits and enjoy it. Spending time in physical activity is important to benefit from it and have a good time.

An essential key to enjoying exercise and staying consistent is to start from the basics and work your way up. Many people, when starting a sport or joining a gym, expect in the first week, to look great or to reach levels of resistance that only those who have a good workout achieve.

If, on the other hand, you start small, seeing how, as the weeks go by, you manage to endure more, breathe better and exceed your own limits, you will feel much more satisfied exercising.

how to enjoy your exercise more
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Get Company

If you don’t know how to do it, don’t try it alone. Many people get injured or training without benefits because they don’t know how to do it. A great way to learn to exercise is with a personal trainer, but if your budget is not enough for it, then you have several options:

  • Enter the classes that interest you in your gym. In them, you will learn new exercises, and you will understand which are the muscles involved in the activity, so when you do it, you will only be able to do it, and you will enjoy it much more.
  • If you exercise at home, look up videos on the Internet for resistance sequences that you can easily practice. Choreographies, use of weights, there are many ideas that you can get online.

Find Your “Why”

Find an important reason to be motivated by exercise. Many people become adept at physical activity when they discover how good it makes them feel. Others see it as a good way to lose weight, tone the figure, drain stress, forget worries, etc. These little things are what make us wish every day that the time comes to get moving, find yours, and use it to your advantage.

Every time you go to exercise, there is a thought for you to enjoy: we all benefit from regular physical activity, without exception. A workout that combines aerobic and cardiovascular exercises with resistance repetitions that strengthen the muscles (such as machines and weights) has a wonderful effect on our health and our bodies. You have to make it part of your routine so that you start to enjoy its many positive effects.

Always Have Music

Never exercise without music. This is essential to increase our energy and make us feel more motivated, so it is important to purchase a portable playback (MP3, iPod) and make a list of those songs that make you feel the need to run, running, dancing, laughing or shouting. Those are the ones you can’t miss in your routine.

And if you don’t know where to start, a huge number of Internet pages have lists of the “best songs for running” or the “best songs for exercise,” all with something in common: they are full of energy.

Buy Comfortable Outfits

Buy exercise clothes that make you feel good. Nothing to wear old pants stained with bleach and a shirt three sizes larger to the gym, rather choose clothes that make you feel comfortable and comfortable, with which you feel like leaving home to exercise. It seems trivial, but it is an important motivating factor: we must also learn to invest inappropriate clothing for physical activity that increases your self-esteem and makes you feel confident.

Make it Fun

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Exercise is not a reason to suffer! There are plenty of options to move without feeling like we are dying: dancing, swimming, spinning, aerobic classes, yoga, running with energy to release all our problems, jumping rope, aquafitness, etc. There are many activities that you can take advantage of to move and put aside the sedentary lifestyle, so enjoy them!

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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