Chanique Cream Reviews – 3 Reasons To Avoid


Aging brings fine lines, wrinkles and age spots which is something that allows manufacturer and advertisers of skin products to target audience which is looking for the solution and also provides a massive market for it. However, among many genuinely caring businesses, there are some who want to get profits and sell useless products or end up taking money from your bank account without your full consent. Recently I reviewed one such product known as Peraglow which was useless and took away money from customers account in the name of free trial. So a few days ago I came across another product known as Chanique Face Moisturizer which came with Eyecare as well. After research deeply into it I’m going to answer your questions such as what is it, how it works, what are the ingredients used during manufacturing, is it clinically approved or should you go for it or not? Well, the conclusion, in this case, will be 3 Reasons To Avoid. (If you’re in a hurry jump to the reasons section but for facts keep reading).

What Is Chanique

Chanique is a facial moisturizer which is claimed to be miraculous with age-defying characteristics. Unfortunately, there’s no information provided regarding the manufacturing company of the product as well as there are no physical details of the product or company. Its no accredited with BBB or any other legal authority which questions its legitimacy. Meanwhile, it can be only purchased from the official website and is not available on any other store such as Amazon, eBay or Walmart, etc. Also, the official website’s content is the same as many other such products which means its just a dummy site with a new name. However, let’s see how it works.


How Chanique Works

The manufacturer claims it to be a new injection-free solution which has been used by celebrities for decades as it provides smooth, supple and wrinkle-free skin. Its a secret to radiant, beautiful and younger skin without any pain or expensive treatment as it works naturally due to the miraculous ingredients used during the formulation. The results are instant as it adapts to your skin needs and provides impressive outcomes. It counters the effects of aging, wind, dryness, sun damage and free radicals. The natural ingredients restore the elasticity, remove aging signs, treat wrinkles and discolorization of the skin. The significant characteristics of the product are to eliminate the look of dark circles by restoring nourishment in the form of hydration, reduces the appearance of wrinkles by boosting collagen and elastin production, enhances skin hydration by the use of active ingredients and counters the effects of stress by stimulating the immunity. The damage caused by UVA and UVB radiations resulting in age spots and fine lines is countered by the enhancement in collagen production by this formula. However, the major flaw with all this is that there is no evidence provided by the manufacturer to support all the claims mentioned above. Meanwhile, its all based on the natural ingredients so let’s check out the ingredients used for the formulation.

Chanique Ingredients

The manufacturer claims that the product has been formulated using natural ingredients. There are no fillers or chemicals used during the manufacturing of the moisturizer. Meanwhile, there is no information provided regarding the ingredients used on the Official website which is concerning for the customers as you don’t know what is used in it officially. However, after doing some research and checking out the reviews from verified purchasers, I came across a list of ingredients which were mentioned to be used in this moisturizer and it included Algae Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Retinol, Shea Butter and Acmella Flower Extract. The mentioned ingredients are used widely in the formulation of skin care products, but again it’s not officially stated, so you will never know what exactly has been used. Moreover, if you have skin allergies or any other skin condition, you should avoid this product.

Is Chanique Clinically Approved

On the official website its mentioned that the product has been formulated using scientific methods which has been researched for years as well as is manufactured under FDA approved facilities but there is no evidence provided to support any of those claims. Also at the end of the page its clearly stated that the product has not been evaluated by FDA. So I think its not clinically approved as well.


Chanique Pricing & Refund Policy

The product comes with a 14-day trial package. To get the trial, you will have to pay shipping and handling fee of $7.95 (USD). After placing the order, you will receive 30 days supply within 3-5 days, and once you are done with that, you will be enrolled into an auto-ship program during which you will be billed after 30 days and will receive the supplies as well. After the trial period, you will be charged $102.97 (USD) for the package which is costly as per my thinking. Moreover, if you want a refund, you will have to contact customer support, and they will provide you instructions following which you will have to return the package. Also if you want to cancel the auto-ship program, you are required to contact customer support.

Email Support: | Phone Support: 800-947-6676

Note: According to a study and experiment conducted by BBB and other organizations the auto-ship programs are hard to cancel and with these 14/18-day trial offers you are not likely to get a refund or cancel enrollment easily. So proceed with caution!

3 Reasons To Avoid Chanique

Here are three major reasons due to which you should be avoiding this product.

  • There is no physical existence of the company or the product as well as its not regulated by any legal body.
  • The product is not evaluated by FDA, also its not clinically approved. Meanwhile there is no information about the ingredients used in the formulation.
  • The auto-ship program is hard to get rid of and can take away extra money from your bank account

Instead of going for auto-ship billing which would ultimately end up taking more than $100 from your account you could go for a more reliable source and can try products priced under $20. Here are five of the top rated products including Amazon’s choice you could try. 🙂

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If you have tried Chanique. Let our readers know about your experience with the product! 🙂


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