How to Make a Japanese Paper Door

The shōji (障 子), according to Wikipedia, is “a type of traditional door in Japanese architecture. It functions as a room divider and consists of translucent washi paper with a wooden frame. This paper is known as rice … Leia mais

How to Choose the Perfect Air Freshener for My Car

Many times, the irruption of an unpleasant smell inside the car makes us feel really bad, causing dizziness or headaches. If you are tired of traveling smelling tobacco, closed or surrounded by dust particles that sneak through the vents. In … Leia mais

How to Prevent Foot Fungus

Foot fungus is one of the most common foot problems. They occur especially during the hottest months, although they are also frequent in people whose feet are regularly exposed to humidity, … Leia mais

How to Get Rid of Back Rolls

When you do not eat a balanced diet, eat excesses, or do not practice sports, fat gradually accumulates in different areas of your anatomy. One of the most frequent areas where we … Leia mais

The Best Oils to Strengthen Your Nails

Wearing a beautiful manicure is impossible if your nails are not strong and healthy, as breakages, stretch marks, and their extreme fragility prevent them from looking good. Despite repairing the hydration of … Leia mais

How to File Toenails

Throughout the year, but especially in the summer season, we all want to show off beautiful, cared for, and sexy feet. Summer is the time of year when we have … Leia mais

How to Harden Your Nails

Many factors weaken nails, from cleaning detergents to swimming pool water. If your nails usually grow but split halfway, or if they bend easily like paper, you may need to harden … Leia mais