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No matter what, men always want to be brilliant in the bed. In the 20s they are at the peak, and they certainly don’t want to lose that prime, but it has to go with time and as a person crosses 30s the decrease in testosterone and hormones starts. This also leads to a lack of satisfaction and impacts the performance in the bed. All these scenarios lead the men to try out something which can boost the performance and satisfaction level. It allows manufacturer and advertiser of the male enhancement and testosterone booster supplements to target these men who are already looking for a solution to their problem and are shy enough to discuss it with any of their close ones. I’ve reviewed many such products, and most of them just ended up being useless, the recent one was Libido Max. Today after my in-depth research, I am going to share facts and details about Alpha Titan Testo, which has been launched in the United Kingdom and claims to be a revolutionary supplement to address all your sexual problems. So let’s get started.

What Is Alpha Titan Testo

Simply put, Alpha Titan Testo is a testosterone booster and male enhancement supplements which you already know if you are here after searching about this supplement. However, what you might not know about is the origin and production of the product. So who is producing it and where is it based? Well its hard to be precise about it as the official website doesn’t disclose much of the information regarding the company but according to the return address the product is being sold under Alpha Titan Products LTD, and the address is located in Birmingham, UK (PO Box 17500, Birmingham, B6 9FA). The product is mainly targeted in the British market. Moreover, you can only purchase it from the official website, and you can’t buy it from other stores such as Amazon & eBay, etc. Given the information regarding the company and purchasing, it inevitably raises questions regarding the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the supplements.


How Alpha Titan Testo Works

The supplements are designed to help you obtain your youth power again. Moreover, it supercharges your sex drive, enhances the libido production, increases the staying power, intensifies the pleasure, heightens the sexual confidence, and helps you in having longer, harder as well as stronger erections. Who can use this supplement? Anyone who is suffering from reduced sex drive, fatigue and lack of stamina, short lasting erections, failure to satisfy partner during sex and going through lack of sexual confidence. The formula includes naturally driven, specially selected ingredients, and when they are combined with the formula, it amplifies your sexual performance. It helps you in becoming more desirable and increases the blood pressure towards erectile chambers. The increased pressure and more extended stay of blood enhance your performance. All you have to do is take two Alpha Titan Testo pills daily for an increased level of free testosterone. However, there is one major problem with all this. The official website doesn’t provide any evidence to support any of the claims.

Alpha Titan Testo Ingredients

According to the manufacturer, all the ingredients used for the formulation of the supplements are sourced naturally and are specially selected. Moreover, there is no harmful filler or chemical used during the manufacturing process, so it doesn’t impose any side effect. All the ingredients along with the formula are scientifically driven and are clinically proven for amplifying your performance. However, the problem with the product is that it doesn’t provide any information regarding the ingredients used for formulation on the official website as well as there is no evidence to back up the claims concerning the scientific studies. Moreover, if you are going through certain health condition (such as asthma or blood problems), you are advised to avoid this product or consult with your doctor before trying it.

Side Effects of Alpha Titan Testo

It’s kinda hard to outline the side effects of the product, considering that it doesn’t outline the ingredients used during the formulation. However the copies of ingredients I found online as well as according to the reviews of verified purchasers it indicates that the common side effects of taking this supplement include headache, nausea, blood pressure complications, redness of body and mood swings. Moreover, the product is not clinically approved as well as is not evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


Alpha Titan Testo Pricing

The product offers a 14-day trial which includes 10 days evaluation period along with 4 shipping days. In order to obtain the trial, you will need to pay shipping and handling fee which could be £3.95 and £4.95. Once you place the order, the product will be shipped within the next 48 business hours and should arrive within 2-4 working days via Royal Mail. If you wish to get a refund, you will need to return unopened product within 14 days, so you don’t get charged after trial period. To return, you will need to contact the customer support and get RMA. Once your order is processed, you will be enrolled into an auto-ship program during which you will be billed after every 30-days and will receive the supplies respectively. After the trial period, the 30-day supply will cost you £97.45, and £89.21 and the charges will appear on your Credit Card. For canceling the auto-ship subscription, you will need to contact the customer support.

Contact Information
Phone: +44 3308087657 | Email:

Note: According to a study and experiment conducted by BBB and other organizations the auto-ship programs are hard to cancel and with these 14-day trial offers you are not likely to get a refund or cancel enrollment easily. So proceed with caution!

4 Reasons To Avoid Alpha Titan Testo

Following are the main reasons due to which you should be avoiding Alpha Titan Testo.

  • The product is not evaluated as well as there is not much information provided regarding the company formulating this product. Moreover, it can be purchased only from the official website.
  • There is no information provided regarding the ingredients used for manufacturing the product and it could be crucial for many consumers.
  • There is no evidence provided on the official website by the manufacturer to support the claims in terms of working and formulation of the product.
  • The auto-ship programs are hard to get rid of and could end up taking extra money from your bank account.

Instead of going for auto-ship billing which would ultimately end up taking more than $100 from your account you could go for a more reliable source and can try products priced between $15-60. Here are five of the top rated products including Amazon’s choice you could try. 🙂

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Nugenix Natural TestoNugenix Natural3.4/5Buy from amazon

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If you have tried Alpha Titan Testo. Let our readers know about your experience with the product! 🙂


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