Alka Tone Keto Reviews – 4 Reasons To Avoid


Burning fat and losing weight is a tough task, especially if you are having a busy lifestyle and poor diet. Moreover, if you are bombarded with fat shaming or emotional statements, it could lead to severe complications. At the same time, it allows advertisers and manufacturers of weight loss supplements to target the vulnerable ones. It also opens a gateway for advertisers of useless or scam products. Same was the case with a diet supplement known as Keto Zone I reviewed recently, which ended up being a scam and has been reported by many users. Today I’m going to share facts and details about recently launched weight loss product known as Alka Tone Keto, and at the end, I’ll be summing up everything with four reasons to avoid the product. (If you are in a hurry you can jump to the reasons section otherwise bear with me for all the facts).

What Is Alka Tone Keto

Simply put Alka Tone Keto is a product designed to burn fat instantly leading to weight loss. There is no information provided regarding the parent organization producing the product but the only AlkaTone trademark. There is no physical accreditation by BBB or any legal body. Moreover, it’s only available on the official website and could not be purchased from any other store such as Amazon, Walmart, or eBay, which is something to consider. That being under question the official website claims that the product works miraculously due to its specially designed formula, so let’s have a look at how it works.


How Alka Tone Keto Works

Alka Tone involves an essential process of ketosis for delivering ultimate results. It could lead to instant burning of fat for energy rather than carbs; it could help in releasing fat stores as well as could increase energy naturally according to the manufacturer. The official website stated the studies published by diabetes, obesity, and metabolism journals in favor of KETO as well as a famous show known as TV Doctor OZ. The critical factor for the working is considered to be BHB (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) for these supplements. The supplement targets the fat stores in your body and exposes them as instant energy fuel. Traditionally body uses carbs as an energy source, but due to the change in the metabolic procedures, the targeted fat stores in the body decrease leading to fat reduction and weight loss. It also supports mental health and enhances the metabolic process of the body. All of this is claimed to be done by the natural ingredients used during the formulation of the supplement.

Alka Tone Keto Ingredients

The ingredients used for the formulation of Alka Tone Keto are claimed to be sourced naturally from herbs and plants. There is no filler or harmful chemical used during the manufacturing of the product, so it doesn’t pose any side effect. However, on the downside, the official website doesn’t state the ingredients used during the formulation of the product except one ingredient known as BHB, which is claimed to be revolutionary for the fat burning procedure. Moreover, if you are going through certain health condition, or breastfeeding, you are advised not to consume this supplement. In case of any confusion, please leave a comment or do contact your doctor before taking the supplement.

Is Alka Tone Keto Clinically Approved

The supplement is claimed to be formulated in FDA approved facilities while keeping all the health standards in check. Moreover, the ingredients used are claimed to be clinically proven and scientifically driven over the research of years. However, the website doesn’t provide any evidence to support the claims in terms of working and formulation of the product. Moreover, there is no reference provided linked to studies done as well as the testimonials on the official website don’t seem real. So based on the facts, the product doesn’t seem to be clinically proven and should be avoided in case of any complication.


Alka Tone Keto Pricing & Refund Policy

The product comes in three packages with you, allowing the one-time charge to your credit card. The first package is $199.00 for five bottles or $28.57 each after applying the mail-in rebate. The second package is $129.00 for three bottles or $33.33 each after applying the mail-in rebate. The final package is $69.94 for one bottle. The product comes with a money back guarantee if conditions are met. However if you wise to get a refund, you won’t get refunded the shipping and handling charges. In any case, you will need to contact the customer support and get RMA as well as follow the return instructions to get the refund. Furthermore, once you place the order, your product will be shipped within 1-2 business days, and you are likely to receive it within 3-5 business days. Following are the details to get in contact with customer support.

Phone | Email
1 (800) -938 – 8182 |

4 Reasons To Avoid Alka Tone Keto

Following are the four major reasons due to which you should be avoiding this product:

  • There is no physical details provided regarding the company. Moreover its not accredited by any legal body or BBB.
  • There is no information provided regarding the ingredients used during the formulation of the product which could lead to severe complications in certain cases.
  • The product could be purchased from only official website and is not available at other stores such as Amazon, eBay or Walmart which could lead to potentials scam.
  • There is no evidence provided to support the claims made in terms of working and formulation of the product.

Instead of going for auto-ship billing which would ultimately end up taking more than $100 from your account you could go for a more reliable source and can try products priced between $15-60. Here are five of the top rated products including Amazon’s choice you could try. 🙂

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If you have tried ALKA TONE KETO. Let our readers know about your experience with ALKA TONE KETO ZONE below! 🙂


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